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The Church of Peace

2012-08-17 11:47:56, added by: Iga Olech
The Church of Peace under the invocation of the Holy Spirit was raised on the strength of the Peace of Westphalia Treaty, which marked the end of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). In 1652, protestants from Jawor were given by Ferdinand III permission to raise the church. The prerequisite was that it had to be raised beyond the city walls. The message thereby conveyed was that Martin Luther's teaching functioned on the margin of society. The materials which could be used were only those with which a barn or pigsty could be built: wood and clay mixed with straw. The third condition
stipulated by the emperor was that the church could have no belfry, which on the one hand made the church look like an ordinary barn, but on the other hand emphasized humility of the protestants, the subjects of the emperor. The church was raised in 1654-1655, according to the design of Albrecht Sabisch. The works were supervised by a carpentry master from Jawor Andreas Gamper. It was built on the plan of rectangle (26.8x43.3m) using timber frame construction, known as half-timbered wall (16.4 m high). Austere from the outside, from the north looking like a giant barn, it boasts ornate
baroque interior. It can house 6 thousand people. M Christian Hoppe was its first parson, the last one was Krueger. Probably in 1947, German evangelist finally left Jawor. The church remained without wardship till the 80s of the 20th century, although its legal owner was the parish of Evangelical-Augsburg Confession. In 2001, the church was inscribed on the World Heritage List UNESCO. The main celebrations took place on 7 September 2002. The church used to be surrounded by a cemetery, which was converted into a park in 1972.
In the side naves, there are four-tier-galleries divided into lodges dating back from various periods. As the church was being raised, the second and the fourth tier were built and, at the beginning of the 18th century, the first and the third. On the balustrades of the oldest galleries is depicted biblical story. On the forth gallery are depicted scenes from the Old Testament and the second, the New Testament. There are all in all 143 paintings. Their author came from George Flegel’s blacksmith workshop. The works of art were inspired by Mateusz Merian’s graphics illustrating Bible published in Strasburg in 1630. On the balustrades of the first and second gallery are depicted armorial bearings of local gentry and emblems of craftsmen guilds.

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View a gallery: The Church of Peace
View a gallery: The Church of Peace

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